Scottish sensors grow micro-organisms better


Used to grow culture cells and tissues, and grow bacteria in stable environments, said GSS, their controls typically only measure up to ~5% CO2 concentration levels, but some researchers need 20% CO2 or higher.

This is where GSS’s CO2 sensors come in. Based on proprietary mid-infra-red die, made in Cumbernauld, they work as anything up to 100% concentration.”

“Because the sensors use LED technology, they generate minimal heat when taking measurements. This has the benefit of not altering the environment inside the incubator,” said GSS, contrasting this with heater-based designs.

It must work because, “a GSS Chinese distributor has a customer designing it in”, a spokesman for the firm told Electronics weekly.

GSS ExplorIR sensors are available in 0-5%, 0-20% and 0-100% ranges and -W versions are available in a -25 to 55°C form – the standard one works across 0 to 50ºC. Connection is UART.

GSS point to this survey for further information on incubators and CO2.

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