EN6362 and EN6382 PowerSoCs DC-DC Step-Down Converters

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EN6362 and EN6382 PowerSoCs DC-DC Step-Down Converters

Intel's EN6340 and EN6363 footprint-compatible 4 A/6 A highly integrated PowerSoC step-down converters

Intel's EN6340QI and EN6363QI PowerSoCs are full-featured power management products optimized to deliver excellent conversion efficiency, low output voltage ripple, fast load transient response, and tight output voltage accuracy, all within a tiny total solution size of only 60 mm2. The EN6340QI and EN6363QI are pin- and PCB-compatible, which offers designers the flexibility to scale up to the EN6363QI (6 A) if more current is needed, or scale down to the EN6340QI (4 A) for lower power needs and to lower cost. Both solutions deliver the full rated current at 85°C without any thermal derating.

  • Pin compatible, scalable 4 A and 6 A PowerSoC options
  • Excellent combination of performance and total solution size of only 60 mm2
  • Tight output voltage accuracy and low output voltage ripple
  • Excellent EMI performance; passes CISPR 22 Class B requirements
  • Point of load regulation for FPGAs
  • Distributed power architectures
  • Low-power ASICs
  • Multi-core
  • Communication processors
  • DSPs
  • Space-constrained applications needing high power density
  • 5 V/3.3 V bus architectures requiring high efficiency

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