FSM-9 and FSM-9 OEM Freespace® Sensor Modules

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FSM-9 and FSM-9 OEM Freespace® Sensor Modules

Hillcrest's FSM-9 and FSM-9 OEM are compact modules containing state-of-the-art MEMs technology including tri-axial gyroscopes, tri-axial accelerometers, and tri-axial magnetometers

Hillcrest’s FSM-9 is a low-cost, battery operable, fully calibrated inertial measurement unit (IMU)/attitude heading reference system (AHRS). The FSM provides a simple, highly cost-effective solution for integrating accurate, multiaxis inertial sensing into a wide range of consumer and industrial applications, eliminating the complexity and investment associated with a discrete design. This compact module contains state-of-the-art MEMs technology including a tri-axial gyroscope, a tri-axial accelerometer, and a tri-axial magnetometer. Combining these sensors with the onboard Hillcrest Freespace MotionEngine™ Processor, the FSM-9 provides precise real-time 3D orientation, heading, calibrated acceleration, and calibrated angular velocity, as well as more advanced outputs such as cursor.

Complete Inertial Motion Tracking System Compact Design
  • Tri-axial accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer enable complete motion tracking
  • Calibrated for misalignment and scale
  • Dynamically calibrates sensor data for temperature and aging
  • Patented real-time signal processing algorithms produce 9-axis sensor fusion via onboard processor
  • Available for PCB mounting or with enclosure
  • Small form factor PCA module ideal for embedded application (19 mm x 18 mm x 4 mm)
  • Enclosure with micro USB (38 mm x 23 mm x 9 mm)
  • Communicates with an external system via USB or a serial peripheral interface (SPI)
Power Management Features Extensive Data Modes
  • Low-power sleep modes optimize power
  • Flexible gyroscope power control
  • Wake-on-motion feature allows for rapid return to motion processing when module is picked up
  • Activity state detection such as “OnTable” or “stable” enables intelligent use of low-power modes
  • Linear acceleration (mm/s2)
  • Angular velocity (mrad/s)
  • Compass heading
  • Angular position (quaternion)
  • Accurate, low-latency X-Y pointer data for cursor control applications
  • Data returned at configurable sample rates
Advanced Processing Options Developer Tools
  • Adaptive tremor removal ensures smooth, steady motion when held in a human hand
  • AR/VR stabilization provides visually improved angular position output
  • Orientation compensation compensates for tilt by translating motion from the FSM’s frame of reference to the user’s
  • Button motion suppression minimizes inadvertent cursor movement caused by button and scroll events
  • Freespace MotionStudio is a PC-based evaluation and configuration tool
  • libfreespace is an open source C I/O library with Java bindings

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